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Anyone can take a photograph, but to make a photograph is an entirely different task. Given the right amount of cash anyone can buy an expensive camera, but it takes a professional photographer, who knows how to master all the tools ( camera, lighting, posing and location) to make a photograph. We have the expertise to handle your special moments and make it last a lifetime.
Leah Fallesen - Professional Photographer

Leah Fallesen - Professional Photographer

Leah was born and raised in Niagara County, New York. Since she picked up a camera several years ago, photography has been her passion. Leah has developed an outstanding photographic eye for capturing candid and precious moments. Leah holds a Math and Science degree as well as a second degree in Animal Management. After graduating twice from college, she decided to follow her love for photography and make it into a career. In 2010, she opened Fallesen Photography LLC.

Leah has completed thousands of workshop hours in CreativeLive and KelbyOne classes in post production, lighting, wedding, portrait and posing. These workshops are instructed by some of the field's top professionals like Sal CincottaJohn GreengoRoberto ValenzuelaJoe Buissink and Doug Gordon.   We continually pursue further education every year in the field we love, so that we can bring our customers the latest techniques in Art Photography and deliver top quality images to our clients.

One of Leah’s greatest passions is animals and nature. She owns several cats and dogs including many animals passing through on her rural property. Both tamed and wild animals feel a sense of ease around her. 

Julie Fallesen - Professional Photographer

Full-time professional photographer, Julie Fallesen, first started taking photos in the late 1980's. She has learned everything from film, digital, and lighting to posing individuals, couples, and groups. She has studied under some of the photography industry’s best photographers.

Julie’s engaging personality allows her to connect with all types of people. She dedicates herself to creating a soothing atmosphere in which her clients can immediately feel at ease. Her photography skill set results in superb portraits regardless of her client’s comfort level in front of the camera.

Julie’s greatest love is her family, followed by photography. She is also an ordained minister and has officiated several weddings. 

Julie holds a Masters in English Literature and is a member in the world's most prestigious photography associations like American Photography Association and World Photography Organization.

Julie Fallesen - Professional Photographer

We find joy in capturing the real life moments and smiles.

Let us help you forever remember yours.

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We offer affordable professional photography services in the following areas of Western New York: Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport, Rochester, Springville, Dunkirk and all surrounding suburbs of these areas. 

Wedding Photographers serving all of the Western New York area, including Buffalo, Rochester, Niagara Falls and Springville.
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