What should you wear for your Buffalo engagement photo shoot?


Are you having trouble deciding what to wear for your Buffalo engagement photo shoot?

 Styling for a photography shoot can be fun, especially if you know some of the basic rules. These are not meant to scare you, only to inspire and guide you.

Basic Rules for Buffalo Engagement Photos


Lewiston, NY - Buffalo Engagement Photo



Choose something that is you and your style for your Buffalo engagement photo. If you’re a jeans and flannel type of person– go for it. That look can be especially stylish in the beautiful Fall season of Buffalo. There is no use in being insecure and uncomfortable choosing something you would never be caught dead in. Personally, I would never be comfortable wearing a corset even though it might look wonderfully flattering. For some people, the same goes for dresses, neck ties, heels, and suspenders.






Gasport, NY - Buffalo Engagement Photograph




Don’t clash. Wear complimentary colors with your fiancé. If you wear a pink dress, maybe your fiancé can choose a pink tie or pocket square.  Stay away from exact matching outfits.  You are not twins, you are a  couple. Dual denim shirts and khakis are just not a good idea even if they may have been a cute idea for a 90s family photo .







Buffalo Engagement Photo with dog



Try to choose your engagement attire from similar color palettes. If you are wearing pastels, maybe it is best your partner stay away from bright bold colors. Try to choose from similar color palettes. This couple looks perfect for their summer Buffalo engagement photo.






Buffalo Engagement Photograph

Sunset at Knox Farms. East Aurora, NY.





Stay away from solid black outfits. Remember black often picks up every lint and hair. It is also hard to match black tops and bottoms. One is always usually more faded than the other. Not to mention your body shape can be lost and you may look like a floating head. Save the white for your wedding day!







Winter Engagement Photograph

Niagara Falls, NY


Dress on the same level. Fancy or casual.  There may need to be some compromise on this one. We allow an outfit change so choose both. Keep in mind where your shooting location is.  Why would you be in a national park? Going on a picnic or hiking. Wear something in that theme, or maybe you like the irony of formal dinner wear in the woods. Our weather usually means having great outerwear for a winter Buffalo engagement photo session.








Creative Engagement Pictures by Fallesen Photography LLC

Becker Farms. Gasport, NY.


Consider buying something new if your current wardrobe is outdated or faded. At least make sure your choice is pressed and fresh.










Sabres Arena Buffalo, NY - Engagement Photograph

KeyBank Center. Home of the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo, NY.



Beware of logo prints or graphic t-shirts. Unless it is your favorite sports teams, like a Buffalo Bills jersey, or you are going for a superhero theme, it may be best to leave them behind.






If you really cannot choose, ask your photographer for his or her opinion. We have much experience with this kind of thing. Even text them a few outfit options and they can choose for you. As long as you’re confident and relaxed, you should have great engagement photos in the end. We at Fallesen Photography LLC take pride in making you comfortable and getting natural smiles. Fallesen Photography LLC has plenty of experience and technique to give you the best engagement photos in the Buffalo area.

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