Wedding Day Emergency Kit


LiVoti Wedding preparation at Salvatore's Hotel. Buffalo, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC

Before the wedding preparation with the bridal party.

There are many blogs and lists about what to put in your wedding day emergency kit, but I’d like to share one with you from a unique perspective. As photographers we have spent a lot of time with the bridal party– before, during, and after the ceremony. As the ladies prepare for the wedding ceremony, we’ve seen a number of things go wrong. Usually it’s wardrobe malfunctions, or hair and makeup glitches. To keep our clients happy and the day running smoothly, we like to be prepared as well.



Our List

  1. Mini Sewing kit.  Usually it’s the bridesmaids gowns that bust a seam. One even split open on the dance floor.
  2. Bobby pins. No matter how much hair spray, there is always going to be one fly away hair. It never fails. Also, veils can be quite tricky to put on. They can be uncomfortable on your scalp so most brides wait until right before they leave their prep area to put this on. The hair dresser is usually long gone by then. This is when bobby pins in the wedding day emergency kit come in handy.
  3. Safety pins.  In case of a zipper malfunction and there is no time to sew! The show must go on.
  4. Lint roller. We usually wear all black, and having a few  furry pets, I always roll my clothing before I leave the house and after I get out of the car. Grooms suits can pick up a few stray hairs or glitter as well.
  5. Sunscreen. Buffalo summers can be hot! Usually formals are held at high noon and the sun is blazing down. We prefer shade for comfort, but sometimes the scenery requires standing in the sun.
  6. Mouthwash or Mints. The first kiss! Also the reception can be loud and we’ll all be leaning in close to talk.
  7. Travel Hair Spray. Windy Buffalo summer days can mess up the hair. Mine is usually crazy by the end of the night.
  8. Bug Spray. Mosquitos are voracious in the Buffalo area. Especially if the rains have been plentiful. We’ll be spending a lot of time outside for picture taking. Who wants itchy red marks.
  9. Napkins. For wiping off the grooms men’s sweat. The full dark suits are hot in the Buffalo summer sun and alcohol consumption has been known to increase sweat.
  10. Blotting Paper. It never fails that we melt in the hot Buffalo summer sun. Blotting papers will take the shine off without taking off your makeup.


LiVoti Wedding Ceremony at Timberlodge, Arrowhead Golf Course. Akron, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC.

Wedding ceremony in the blazing summer sun.



Here are some additional items that bridesmaids have found helpful for their wedding day emergency kit:

Wedding prep, Buffalo, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC.

Last minute dress adjustments before ceremony.

  1. White Chalk or Tide stain remover stick
  2. First aid kit and Liquid bandage
  3. Superglue
  4. Tweezers
  5. Straws (so bride can drink)
  6. Tape (white duct tape or hemline tape)
  7. Cotton swaps for makeup touchups

We have saved the day a few times with our wedding day emergency kit. It’s better to be over prepared than left with a mess.

If you want a photographer that is prepared and experienced, give us a call at Fallesen Photography LLC.