Budgeting Your Dreams

Hatfield Wedding Orchard Park, NY Reception Tables Photograph by Fallesen Photography LLCWhen your cash is tight you have to work a little harder to make your dreams come true. Fortunately for most of us, you don’t need money to fall in love. Unfortunately for most of us, you do need money to pay for your wedding. If you’re in love, not rich, and about to be married, take in some of this simple advice.

The best thing you can do for yourself is make a budget. Know your maximum and then divide the funds up into priorities. Sectioning is crucial for staying in the lines… How much for a photographer? How much for the cake? Catering? Styling? The dress, the tux, shoes, make up, favors, venue, and anything else you feel your wedding needs. Can you get any of those things for free? Which ones are the most important for your dream? Be realistic and make sure to leave a little extra for unexpected expenses.  Kirkwood Wedding Buffalo NY Harp Player Photograph by Fallesen Photography LLC

Alright, now that you’ve parceled out the funds, it’s time to go surfing. Start from what you feel is most important and shop the internet for good prices in your area. Keep your eye out for upfront pricing packages, they’ll save you the hassle of worrying if an estimate will raise as the evening wears on. With a pricing package you can figure a rock solid number right into your dreams and move on to the next thing.

Another great way for the internet to save you money is access to used items. You could save hundreds and still find the wedding dress that makes you feel like a princess or the tux that rocks your world. These items are the sort of thing that people only use once and many will let them go at a steal just so they don’t have to store them or throw them out.

Herberger Wedding Buffalo,NY Wedding Gown Photograph by Fallesen Photography LLC
You can also find things that are new on clearance, like shoes and makeup. Check places like Ebay and Etsy for unique inexpensive touches. Check pinterest for inspiration. Youtube is amazing if you need a tutorial on hairstyling, makeup, nail painting, handcrafting favors, baking, etc.

Start early and you’ll have more selection and time to practice. With a little ingenuity you can create any style of wedding you desire and not have to stress over the bills. These days it might be more important to stay on budget, but it’s also easier than ever. You might have to search a little longer and work a little harder but you absolutely can still make your dreams come true.