Before Wedding Photo List

If you hired a wedding photographer for the full day, he or she will be with you for your preparations: hair, makeup, dress, wedding jitters, and fun with your bridesmaids. I would like to share some must-have before wedding photo shots.




Before wedding photo Herberger Wedding, wedding gown at Salvatore's Grand Hotel in Buffalo, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC


The Wedding Gown. Before you step into the dress, take the gown (with decorative hangar or not) and place it in a well lite area.  Take note of the background and any elements you would like to be part of your wedding day story. This dress shot was taken in a fancy hotel. We hung it on the ornate picture frame. It’s one of my favorites.









Before wedding photo Versace Shoes, Kirkwood Wedding, Samuels Grande Manor, Buffalo, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC


Shoes. If your shoes are special order for the day, make sure to get pictures of them. Prop the shoes together for a neat shot.   These were Versace so the bride wanted us to get several shots of them.






Before wedding photo Bouquet, Kirkwood Wedding, in Buffalo NY by Fallesen Photography LLC



Bouquets. While the photographer has a quiet moment, it is a good idea for them to stage the bouquets.





Before wedding photo Wedding Gift, LiVoti Wedding, in Buffalo, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC

Gifts. Did you buy a necklace for mom or purses for your bridesmaids. Let the photographer know.






Before wedding photo, rings, herberger wedding, Buffalo NY by Fallesen Photography LLC

Rings. If you have the wedding rings in hand, let the photographer have a go at them.

She’ll be happy to hunt down the groomsmen who is holding onto them too.







Before wedding photo Makeup application, Brown Wedding, Barton House, Buffalo NY by Fallesen Photography LLC

Makeup. Some brides are afraid of being shot with no makeup on but we can get a picture of the final touches. 

Hair. At certain points the hair can look crazy but we’ll make sure you look good.





Before wedding photo Wedding gown zip, Sneed Wedding, Seneca Hotel, Niagara Falls, NY by Fallesen Photography LLC


Wedding Gown Preparation. All the bridesmaids work together getting bride into her gown.  










Before wedding photo Mom and Daughter, LiVoti Wedding, Salvatore's Grand Hotel, Buffalo NY by Fallesen Photography LLC


Mother and Daughter Photos. Dad usually gets a lot of shots as he walks his daughter down the aisle. This is the perfect time to share a touching moment with mom (or another motherly figure) while you are both in your best dress. This is a must have before wedding photo.





This is one of the best days of your life. Let a photographer help you remember it forever with touching photos both posed and candid.